About The Childish Man

Before I went off to college, I was given an opportunity to ruin my social life, and I took it.  At the school’s request, I provided a short bio, much like this one, and in it I gave a few hobbies – playing guitar and being silly.  This information, along with a personal photograph, the worst photograph taken since Mathew Brady snapped a Union soldier eating a booger on a Ritz cracker at Fredericksburg, was published in the “Look Book” that was distributed to all incoming freshmen. Who could’ve predicted?  This moment of childishness set the tone for the next four years. And that tone was my phone ringing, usually late at night, followed by ”hey, is this the ‘being silly’ guy? How silly do you feel now, asshole!”

I can’t help myself.  I’m A Childish Man.


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